Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rock on Rock

After being given the all-clear at the Northern General fracture clinic on 10th July and told that I need to exercise my shoulder as much as possible to rebuild the muscle thats wasted away after a month of being neglected I got the first opportunity to head out onto the rock on Monday (16th July).

My brother and I opted to go to Baslow as its a short walk-in and with lots of easy routes and likely to be very quiet. All of this was true, although there were a couple of other people out climbing. Gary hasn't done any climbing in some time, but cleanly lead a short Severe with a worringly hollow flake in the middle. Unfortunately by the time I got to the top the big rain cloud that had been lurking over Calver had worked its way over our heads and proceeded to soak us, so it was time to pack up and dash back to the car.

A bit of a disappointment only getting one climb in, but my shoulder and finger weren't stressed by the climbing in the slightest (perhaps this is one way to improve my foorwork!).

The forecast for today isn't great, but hopefully we can head out for a climb after work today. Probably back to Baslow to get more mileage in on easy climbs.